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Bathmate Compared to Other Penis Enlargement Methods

There's no shortage of penis enlargement options available. But there is a shortage of penis enlargement methods that work effectively.

Before we concluded with what ended up being the Bathmate, we did our due diligence and research of every other method out there, all with the goal of having a device that is simple, cheap, and effective. Years of R&D and testing were put into this analysis, with the results laid out below.

The conclusion is simple: While some other penis enhancement methods do work, nearly all of them come with a catch. The Bathmate is different. It's simple. It's quick. And it works.

Below is a quick run-down of the other options.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

While penis enlargement surgery is possible, it's expensive and complications happen frequently. Even worse, the surgery is rarely worth it: a recent study shows that 75% of the men who go under the knife aren't satisfied with their results, which is a huge negative margin for the large price (generally $10,000+) you'll have to pay.

The reason for the large margin of dissatisfaction its that the results are minimal. To gain more than 0.5 inches, a lot of work is generally required on the user's part, which often includes using a penis hanger or traction device for an additional 6-18 months for several hours a day.

As you can imagine, the penis is a complex organ and as is often the case, not all surgeries go according to plan. Penis enlargement surgery has led to penis deformation and permanent impotence for a lot of men.

As this is a sensitive subject for many of the patients, medical practitioners have had a hard time figuring out exactly what percentage of men have complications after surgery, but reports have been as low as 5% and as high as 30%. Even on the low end, that's too high of a risk of not having a usable penis afterward for all but the most desperate men.

Recommended Gains % Satisfied Complications Timeframe Cost
No, except as a last resort for those with micropenis 0.1 to 1 inch, varies for each man 25% Impotence, Penis Deformation often occur Several months for recovery High

Penis Enlargement Pills

While certain penis pills can help boost your Bathmate results, there is not a single pill on the market that can increase the size of your penis on its own. 

The reason penis enlargement pills can help in conduction with the Bathmate (but don't always, it depends on the ingredients in the pill!) is similar to how bodybuilding supplements and protein can help your body workout results. The Bathmate is a tool to workout your penis, which exercises the smooth muscle and internal tissues beyond the stress they're use to. Overtime, these tissues adapt, becoming larger and harder.

When an effective penis enlargement supplement is added to your Bathmate workouts, it can help increase stamina, blood flow, testosterone, and protein -- all of which can possibly help your penis adapt quicker and more effectively. However, none of these factors help with growth if Bathmate first doesn't place a workout stress on your penis that makes it grow. Moreover, a pill isn't needed for the Bathmate to help your penis grow. The Bathmate has worked effectively for thousands of men on its own.

The idea of a "magical enlargement pill" would be similar to taking a biceps enlargement pill without doing any curls to induce the initial growth. The only growth that would occur is in the pill-makers wallets.

The logic here is simple: If such a "penis enlargement pill" that required no work did it exist, nearly every man on the planet would be taking it. Moreover, some penis enlargement pills contain harmful ingredients. We suggest talking over each supplement you're interested in with your medical doctor.

Recommended Gains % Satisfied Complications Timeframe Cost
Only certain pills in conjunction with Bathmate None, unless combined with Bathmate %5 if nothing else used, up to 60% if used as workout supplement Some contain harmful ingredients N/A High
(monthly budget of $50-100 needed)

Traditional Penis Pumps

Most traditional penis pumps take a lot of work to actually exercise the penis enough to cause growth. Rather than causing actual growth via exercise, a lot of pumps actually induce "fluid build up" due to pumping up the fluid in the penis.

The "fluid build up" problem is due to several reasons: a less effective vacuum seal, using air rather than water, the complexity of the pumping mechanism, and the overall design of traditional pumps not created for maximizing a penis workout. Most of the designs for these pumps were created in the 1970s, well before it was understood exactly how to induce penis growth.

The difference with the Bathmate is that the hydro-pumping mechanism combined with the device's simplicity allows for a 250% increase in effectiveness, enough to cause growth in an effective amount of time. Moreover, the entire time you're using the Bathmate, you're actually working out the penis rather than just causing fluid build up, leading to an even more increase in effectiveness.

Traditional pumps generally don't create a good enough vacuum without causing dangerously high pressures. With traditional pumping devices, you must be extremely careful as almost none of them have any safety mechanisms built into them and can cause great harm with burst blood vessels and form blisters. In some cases, the testicles can be pulled unexpectedly into the cylinder causing severe pain and possible injury.

Just as unfortunate, a bad curve in the penis can be acquired when using poorly designed pump or even using a traditional pump improperly. See the image of a poor penis curve on the side: it is a penis disformation that no man wants to inflict upon himself.

Recommended Gains % Satisfied Complications Timeframe Cost
No, more expensive, time-consuming and less effective than Bathmate 1-3 inches 25%, largely due to the set-up time involved as well as the "fluid build up" issues Can be harmful if used incorrectly, causing issues like Peyronie's Disease 6 weeks to several years Medium (most effective pumps cost up to $1,000)

Traction and Extender Devices

While traction and extender devices do help lengthen the penis, the amount of time involved makes it a very ineffective way to induce penis growth.

Nearly every extender manufacture recommends you wear the device for 8-10 hours a day for 6 months or more. This is unrealistic, and most men find that after a few days or weeks of use, they slowly start to use the extender less and less until they eventually give up.

Moreover, these devices can cause serious complications if worn improperly. The device itself stays in place by gripping the penis head, and the gripping mechanism of nearly every extender causes circulation and numbing issues. These issues often go unnoticed as most men wear a penis extender underneath their clothes, which when done consistently can lead to long-term problems. When worn improperly for an extended period of time, it can lead to temporary impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Recommended Gains % Satisfied Complications Timeframe Cost
Possibly, only if you are the most dedicated of individuals would we recommend it in conduction with Bathmate Up to 1 inch in Length 10% due to most men giving up to the large amount of time required Can be harmful and cause longterm damage when worn improperly, which is easy to do due to the poor design of nearly every extender Wearing a device for 8-10 hours a day for 6-24 months For a quality extender
roughly $300-400

Recommended: Possibly, only if you are the most dedicated of individuals would we recommend it in conduction with Bathmate

Penis Exercises

If there was one other method that we would recommend, it'd be penis exercises. The reason is simple: The Bathmate is simply a method that exercises and works out your penis, but the Bathmate does it in a more effective and maximum way in terms of time and simplicity. The Bathmate leads to an increase in penis size, hardness, and stamina by pushing your penis beyond its normal limits via a penis workout.

This isn't to say penis exercises can't cause complications. When doing "manual exercises" via your hands, its very easy to go overboard and due too much. Overtraining leads to temporary impotence, and can set your gains back several months if its really severe. The Bathmate has a built-in safety mechanism that makes it hard for you to go overboard. Simply avoid pain, and don't go above the recommended time limits and you'll be on the fastest track to a larger and bigger penis.

The Bathmate is to your penis workout as a bench press is to your chest workout. The analogy is similar to how you can workout your chest with simple push-ups, yet millions of men and women use a bench press because its far more effective, faster, and provides the best results. Moreover, one of the main issues men run into with doing a penis exercise routine is properly warming up before a workout, which involves heating the tissues so they are flexible enough to stretch. The Bathmate is the best way to warm-up your penis, as not only will it heat it, but it'll also provide you a workout too.

How much will the Bathmate help with your penis workouts? We did a survey of countless men who do penis exercises and found out how the Bathmate effected their results. 97% of the men reported a boost in their workouts, with many deciding to add it to their daily routine.

The bottom line is that the Bathmate will help you get results quicker and more effectively.

Recommended Gains % Satisfied Complications Timeframe Cost
Yes, but start slow and use the Bathmate to warm up and increase your results. 1-3 inches in length and girth 70% It's easy to go overboard, which can cause temporary ED and setback your growth 12 weeks to 2 years Free

Bathmate: The #1 Device Combined with All Methods

While our experts agree that if you could choose only 1 option for you penis enhancement needs then the Bathmate is the one to choose, the Bathmate does work with several of the options if you choose to go that route:

  • The Bathmate in combination with penis exercises: use the Bathmate as a warm-up and cool-down to your workouts, as well as a standalone length and girth building routine.
  • The Bathmate in combination with traction and extender devices: the Bathmate has been shown to provide an excellent warm-up, with some men reporting an increase in up to 1/2 an inch in extension allowed just by using the Bathmate.
  • The Bathmate in combination with penis pills: although these pills won't work alone, some pills do serve as a great supplement helping increase stamina, blood flow, and testosterone -- all of which can help with penis growth in combination with Bathmate. Just make sure you get the right supplements that help with these factors.

The Bathmate: The Most Effective Tool

Recommended Gains Satisfaction Complications Timeframe Cost
Yes! It's the most effective, simplest, and quickest penis workout tool 2-5 inches 95% Low 6 weeks to a year Low compared to other methods, only $125