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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The Bathmate is an exercise device for your penis. Like all exercises and exercise equipment, it's safe and healthy when done properly. As long as you follow our instructions, stop if you feel any pain, and contact us with any questions that you may have, you'll be on the fastest track to a bigger, harder, and healthier penis.

The Bathmate itself has several fail-safe mechanisms to help make sure you don't hurt yourself or overtrain. To maximize your safety, we also suggest using the Bathmate no more than 20 minutes a day.

Penis pumps themselves have been used for years to get excellent results. Pumps are recommended by countless medical practitioners for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and penis enhancement. 

The Bathmate is 250% more effective than standard pumps and safer in all regards due to its simplicity. All parts that come in contact with your skin have been thoroughly tested and approved. With over 7 years of user-testing and thousands of success stories, we've accounted for safety throughout the evolution of our device.

Yes, and the good news is that they are all the ones you want! The positive side effects of the Bathmate can bring both you and your partner increased pleasure.

Although one of the main benefits Bathmate users seek is a bigger penis, the device can also enhance your erection quality, increase your staying power, and help produce other sexual benefits.

Thousands of our users have reported their success with using the Bathmate, including:

  • Adding up to 2 inches in length 
  • Adding up to 1 inch in penis girth (circumference)
  • Increasing their penis size volumetrically by over 100%
  • Obtaining instant visible results after 1 session
  • Producing consistent rock-hard erections
  • Increasing stamina in bed
  • Boosting self confidence
  • Straightening out bent penises
  • Enlarging the penis head

The Bathmate has several advantages over traditional devices and other benefits:

  • It uses power of water to increase the effectiveness of your penis workouts by 250%
  • Use the Bathmate in the bath, shower or air for a quick and easy workout
  • Can be applied in a matter of seconds using only one hand
  • Increases the length of your penis by expanding the tunica and inner tissues
  • Increases the girth of your penis by expanding your penis smooth muscle each session
  • Increases stamina and hardness by exercising your penis vascular system
  • Used as a standalone product or in conjunction with penis exercises routine
  • Use the Bathmate either as a warm-up and cool-down for your workouts or as its own length and girth routine
  • Different from other penis pumps: easy-to-use and water-based
  • Rather than complex pumping equipment, you simply press the Bathmate towards your body to create the pressure
  • Has a large comfort pad that sits on your pelvis area
  • Does not seal on the penis shaft, thereby ensuring full expansion along the full penis

Bathmate is the only product in the world using patented hydraulic technology.

If your looking to enlarge your penis, then you'll want the Bathmate: It's the most effective, comfortable, cost effective and fastest way to get penis growth.

The Bathmate also maximize your penis health: When you use it during your daily shower routine, it pumps freshly oxygenated blood directly into the corpora chambers of your penis which maximizes your stamina and hardness.

Most of our users report an instance visible difference from the moment before they use the Bathmate and after. Even better, most men see measurable results within the first 1 to 2 weeks on the program, and several of our users have gained up to an inch within the first couple of months.

Bathmate users have reported gains of up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth and even more. If your goal is for large substantial gains (more than an inch), then we recommend using the Bathmate in conduction with exercises for maximum gain in the shortest period of time. Two resources we recommend are Rob Michael's book Penis Exercises: A Healthy Guide to Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, and Health and personal penis training service Male Enhancement Coach.

Many of our clients have also noticed an immediate temporary difference in size from their very first workout. Similar to most exercising, how quickly you gain depends on many factors:

  • How often you workout
  • The exercises and workouts you use
  • If you exercise safely or harmfully
  • Your genetics, dedication and other factors

The Bathmate is available in four different models, in three different sizes, to ensure there's a Bathmate perfect for you.

  • Hercules and Hydromax X30 Models - Maximum diameter 46mm (1.81") & Maximum length 180mm (7.06")
  • Hydromax X40 Model - Maximum diameter 56mm (2.20") & Maximum length 215mm (8.46")
  • Goliath Model - Maximum diameter 66mm (2.59") & Maximum length 250mm (9.84")

Absolutely! Trust us, we hate spam just as much as you do. It gives the entire industry a bad name, making it harder for us to share the true benefits of male enhancement exercises and devices such as the Bathmate.

We never sell our mailing lists, share your information or partake in any other shady practices. See our privacy policy for more details.

You won't know unless you try! 

The Bathmate team has helped men get the results they want for the greater part of the past decade. Over that time, we've learned and implemented what works. We stay up-to-date on the cutting edge research regarding male enhancement, and our expert advisors are considered the authorities on natural penile enlargement and enhancement. We have been featured on dozens of media outlets, including a recent review on tosh.0.

We're so confident in our process that we guarantee your satisfaction! You have a 30 day trial period. Not happy? Contact us and you can get your money back for any reason whatsoever. Try the Bathmate risk-free now.

It completely depends upon your goals. We suggest using it as long as you like in order to get the desired result. Like all exercise equipment, you'll want to start out light and work your way up.

You wouldn't start out bench pressing 400 lbs at the Gym if you were a beginner, and we don't suggest you going all out on your first Bathmate workout either. That's a recipe for setting yourself back a couple weeks via overtraining.

We suggest you start with no more than 5-10 minutes, than add a few minutes each week. Work your way up to using the Bathmate for 10-20 minutes nearly every time you shower or take a bath, generally once a day. You'll also want to take 1-2 days off of rest for recovery each week.

Yes, once you have reached your desired goals, the gains are yours to keep. After you get your desired result, we suggest continuing for 6 weeks to increase the likelihood of permanency and helping "cement" your results.

Your results stay permanent because every time you get an erection, you're performing a light form of penis exercise - and thus maintaining your gains. Accordingly, the more erections you have, the more light exercise you're getting, and the more likely you are to maintain your gains.

All men (women are excluded for obvious reasons!) can use Bathmate. However, it's not recommended you use the Bathmate if your penis is greater than 10 inches. In which case, you're big enough. Leave some for the rest of us!

Also do not use if you have an infection or skin trauma or have had a recent surgical treatment on your penis or groin. For further information please contact our customer service or your medical doctor.

It doesn't matter whether your penis is circumcised or not, the Bathmate will work for any penis.

As a new customer when you buy from, the Bathmate is backed by a 100 percent 30-day money-back guarantee. No other site offer this guarantee. 

If after following the program you do not see results and are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us for RMA instructions and you will receive a 100% refund. Try the Bathmate risk-free now.

No. It can be used in the shower, the bath, or even in air. For optimal benefits, we recommend using it in water, but do what works best for you. 

We find that half the battle of penis enhancement is fitting your workouts into your daily routine, hence why the Bathmate is so effective. It's easy to adapt it to your schedule.

The Bathmate has a warranty of 1 year.

You can wash your Bathmate in water up to 80°C.

The Bathmate Hercules works for gaining size up to 8.25 inches in length and 6 inches in girth

Once you get to that size or thereabouts and still want to gain more, we suggest moving up to the larger model,the Bathmate Goliath or the Hydromax X40.

Great question! 

Keeping your Bathmate clean is the best way to ensure that the product will last a lifetime. As the video on this page shows, the cleaning process is as easy as 1-2-3 rinse.

If you have any further questions, contact us. We'd be glad to help - it's what we do!