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The Bathmate for the Penis You Want

The Bathmate is a penis enlargement device that is simple and effective at producing the results you want.

How does the Bathmate work?

  • Bathmate uses the remarkable power of water
  • Works in the bath, shower or air
  • Can be applied in a matter of seconds using only one hand
  • Easy-to-use and 250% more effective than other pumps
  • Increases the length of your penis by expanding the tunica and inner tissues
  • Increases the girth of your penis by expanding your penis smooth muscle each session
  • Increases stamina and hardness by exercising your penis vascular system
  • Used as a standalone product or in conjunction with a penis exercise routine
  • Use either as a warm-up and cool-down for your workouts or as its own length and girth routine
  • Rather than pumping, you simply press the Bathmate towards your body to create pressure in seconds
  • Has a large comfort pad that sits on your pelvis area
  • Does not seal on the penis shaft, thereby ensuring full expansion along the full penis


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Enhance Your Penis With the Bathmate

The Bathmate is a revolutionary design that uses a unique design combined with the power of water to increase the effectiveness by 250 percent over traditional pumps.

The key benefits of the Bathmate's revolutionary design over traditional air pumps and other penis enlargement devices include:

    1. It's water-based pumping approach
    2. It's simplicity and ease of use
    3. It's ability to provide a better pumping workout

1. The Power of Water for Enlargement

The Bathmate uses the incredible power of water:

  • With water, a far more powerful vacuum is created than with air.
  • The greater vacuum leads to a larger increase in penis size and penis exercising capability.
  • Water doesn't compress like air does, so the vacuum produced is solid allowing for a more full expansion of the penis.
  • Just as important, warm water helps blood flow and warms up the penis tissues for expansion. Combining the power of heating the tissues with expanding them leads to a greater enlargement and enhancement effect.
  • At the same time the water cushions and lubricates the penis as it expands, making it the safest of pumps to use.

2. Simplicity Leads to Consistent Usage

A major problem with many of the other penis enlargement methods out there is that they are too complicated to use frequently. They either take too much time or have some complicated mechanism that makes it a pain to use on a consistent basis.

The Bathmate's power lies in the simplicity of its design and its ease of use:

  • Whether used in the shower, bathtub or in air, the Bathmate can be applied and pumped up in seconds using one hand
  • You can use the pump in the shower, all while the Bathmate grows your penis hands free while you wash. 
  • There is no external pumping mechanism, no tube, and no difficult-to-use parts.
  • With the very minimal of moving parts, the Bathmate is virtually maintenance free, other than recommended cleaning after use.
  • The quick release valve is specially designed to allow for fast release of the vacuum, allowing the Bathmate to easily slide off your penis when the workout is completed.
  • To keep track of your progress, there is a measurement gauge to show you how much you're growing overtime.

Even though the device itself is simple, you can be assured that the Bathmate's vacuum tube will last a lifetime with proper use. The tube consists of a polycarbonate tube, is tested to withstand compression pressures of 400 kilograms, and is designed for impact forces of 20 kilograms dropped from a height of three floors. All Bathmate components are supplied by blue chip manufacturers working to the highest standards of Quality Control. To ensure optimal success, random samples of Bathmate devices are tested to 1,000,000 cycles on our vacuum testing machine.

Easy as Taking a Shower!

The Bathmate is as simple as devices come. It's as easy as taking a bath or shower.

* See How Easy-to-Use the Bathmate is

3. A Better Pumping Technique for Better Expansion

The Bathmate seals at the base of your pelvis and engorges the entire penis, helping your penis produce a rock-hard erection beyond its normal size.

The Bathmate provides a better pump technique:              

  • The pump seals the penis at the pelvic base, exercising the entire penis.
  • The pumping and valve system of the Bathmate allow the penis to be pumped up in stages, allowing for maximum blood to flow in and out of the penis.
  • Penis health doctors and our experts agree that pumping the penis in "stages" as the Bathmate allows is highly beneficial to the maximizing results with pumping and penile exercising.
  • The flow of oxygenated blood caused by "stage pumping" flushes toxins out of the shaft, allowing full expansion of the erectile tissues and the penis.

Science Behind the Bathmate and Penis Exercising

Principle 1: Exercising the Smooth Muscle

The penis is roughly 50 percent smooth muscle. The smooth muscle in the penis has several unique differences from skeletal muscle like your biceps, yet it is just as essential to the shape and size of your penis as your biceps are to the shape and size of your arms.

When you use the Bathmate on your penis, you'll actually be exercising your penis. In turn, this exercise causes your penis smooth muscle cells to develop and adapt under pressure. Over time, this adaptation has helped thousands of men like you make their penis bigger and harder.

When you use the Bathmate, you pump water out of the device. With each pump, the higher the hydro-force vacuum is created, and the more the penis and its smooth muscle tissue is encouraged to expand

With the safety mechanism built into the Bathmate, there is always a balance between water pressure. As long as you stop pumping if any pain occurs, your penis can not be forced into the unsafe pressure zones that cause damage with other devises. The base of the Bathmate is designed to allow a minimal compression force necessary to achieve maximum expansion, encouraging maximum growth and minimum discomfort.

Principle 2: Expanding the Tunica and Corpora Chambers

The tunica is a strong layer of tissue that surrounds the your penis's three corpora chambers. The tunica combined with these three chambers make up the shape of your penis. The blood spaces in your penis's corpora chambers fill to the maximum, and this causes an erection.

Combined with the penis smooth muscle, the maximum size of your tunica and corpora chambers decide the size of your penis. The great news is that when you use the Bathmate, you're expanding the tunica and thus the corpora chambers beyond their normal size. 

When you use the Bathmate regularly, your tunica and corpora chambers will develop to become larger and stronger. The more consistently you use the Bathmate, the bigger the inner tissues become. It's just like exercising your muscles at the gym, but instead your exercising your most prized organ.

Principle 3: Extending the ligaments

Not all of your penis is visible to you. Half of it is hidden inside your body and this half can be released by extending your ligaments, causing the length of your penis to extend with it. The releasing of the inner penis is caused by gently stretching the penis downward.


When you wear the Bathmate in the shower, the weight of the pump filled with water gently pulls the penis in a downward direction. Overtime, the gentle stretching causes your "ligaments" to extend, and in turn makes your penis longer.

More Effective Than Air

So what is the difference between air and water in the context of pumping? Air is spongy and compressible, which means if you create a vacuum inside a tube with air, the air that remains simply spreads thinner inside the tube. This means the penis can expand unevenly, creating possible bending and bulging of the penis. 

Water on the other hand is incompressible, so when water is pumped from a sealed tube around the penis, the water cannot spread out to help fill the gap and that means the penis must expand to fill the full volume of water removed. As water is incompressible it forms a solid cushion around the penis, thus water allows for uniform expansion without bending or bulging.

Water is expelled by compressing the Bathmate pump system, which produces the even vacuum inside the Bathmate. Balance is achieved for growth.

The Bathmate Expansion Gives You Results

Thousands of our users have reported their success with using the Bathmate, including:

  • Adding up to 2 inches in length
  • Adding up to 1 inch in penis girth (circumference)
  • Increasing their penis size volumetrically by over 100%
  • Obtaining instant visible results after 1 session
  • Producing consistent rock-hard erections
  • Increasing stamina in bed
  • Boosting self confidence
  • Straightening out bent penises
  • Enlarging the penis head