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"Hi Bathmate,

I have to say that I am very impressed with what your device has given me. I have reached the 2 inch mark in new size since I started using it. That's 2 extra inches thanks to your device! During December/January I started using it 4-5 times a week for 15 mins a day.

My stamina is great, my cock is rock hard, and the sex is better than ever now.

The people at your site where amazingly helpful from instructing me on using the device for the first time, to answering some questions about using it a few weeks later. They also walked me through how to clean the Bathmate and get it working properly again when it started to lose suction from not cleaning it right (I recommend getting a cleaning kit to avoid this issue by the way)!

So that is an update on my progress. I hope if you are thinking about giving it a try you do. I have had no side effects other than my penis getting bigger. Oh wait.. that was supposed to happen!

Thanks again guys. You're the best!

Cheers! "
John aka MrSummers from California
Gains: 2 inches, stamina, rock-hard erections, and "better than ever" sex