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I gained a half an inch in length and girth in a week!

Dear Bathmate,

I've been using the bathmate for about a week. I can't believe how quickly I noticed results and I wanted to update you on my amazing progress.

I've gained at least a half an inch in both length and girth… and its only been in a week!

I've taken about 48 hours of rest (i.e. 2 days off since I last used the Bathmate), and measured after that. Since it's been 2 days of rest, I think this is permanent or at least close to it if I keep using the device to cement the results.

I started out with 5 inches in girth and I am now up to 5.6/5.7 inches. My measurement system for girth is about as accurate as you can get, as I've got a tiny little mole on my shaft which provides me a consistent measuring point. I'm also using the same measuring equipment: a piece of string, and I've taken this measurement 6 or 7 times to ensure it wasn't a fluke.

Even with that being said, I know this sounds crazy and even I can't believe this gain… but its there, all from using the Bathmate!

As for length, I started out at 7 inches and I am now hitting 7.5/7.6 BPEL (i.e. bone pressed erect length).

Again, this is after at least 48 hours of not using the bathmate or doing any form of penis exercising whatsoever. I think rest is important to results as well, so I wouldn't suggest using the Bathmate ever single day, a day or so off a week probably helps.

I've also noticed that I am able to pump to an increasing length each time, which follows the progress of moving up in baby steps and is a very important philosophy in gym exercising… so it makes sense that it would apply to using the Bathmate. Also, the rings around the base of my shaft from the spring section of the bathmate are becoming more and more pronounced (but they go away a few minutes after use).

I guess what I am saying is THANK YOU. You guys have been a lifesaver in helping me get the results I wanted. I didn't think enlargement or penis enhancement was possible… and I went out on a limb when I bought the Bathmate. I'm a believer now. You've changed my penis and my beliefs of what can be done. My confidence is higher than ever.

You guys rock! Timothy F. from New Jersey Gains in 1 week: 0.6 inches in girth and 0.7 inches in length, a big boost in self-confidence

UPDATE: It's been another week. It seems crazy to me but the measurements remain consistent. I have also noticed that each time I use the bathmate I can get my penis to expand a little bit more (both in length and girth). Slowly but surely, the turtle wins the race. Thanks, Bathmate!