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The Delay of Science

Using weights to to cause muscle growth was empirically undeniable long before the scientific community put it to vigorous testing and experimentation. Yet, now fitness proliferates massively -- so much that every major hospital, city, and town have multiple sports fitness facilities.

The delayed scientific "approval" of the benefits for exercise show how the scientific community can lag in revelation.

The same could be said for the progression of the supplement industry, which was also once considered a hoax. Here too scientific “evidence” lagged. Today it has evolved into a billion-dollar industry, with thousands of studies showing their benefits for longevity and human health.

The Penis Enhancement Evolution

Similar to the early beginnings of weightlifting and supplements, the principle behind penis enlargement has evolved in recent time -- most likely do to the advent of the Internet and the modern sexual revolution.

Now that sexuality is expressed more freely, it is time to add the concept of penis health, strength, and enlargement as additional components to the complete physical paradigm.

A big step to that paradigm shift is the Bathmate, which can improve penis size as well as penis health, stamina and hardness. The Bathmate is a device that I heartily recommend for penis enhancement, and is taking a big step in helping scientific approval catch up to this new penis enhancement evolution.

Michael Foster, M.D., Physician