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The Bathmate Has Helped 1000's of Men Succeed

We've helped thousands of men get the results they want. Below are some of our selected testimonials. You can also find other great results from our users here.

Dr. Richard Howard II of Your Penis Doctor

I have found the Bathmate to be an innovative product that lends itself to timely convenience. You can use it while taking a bath, thus multitasking your PE. The solid device is constructed such that it is easy to use for a student of PE. The warm water coupled with the vacuum enables tissue expansion and enlargement over time. I recommend this device particularly for it time efficiency and simplicity.

Routines with the Bathmate are available upon request at

I gained half an inch in length and maxed out girth!

I own 3 bath mates -- 2 for my house and 1 I keep at my girlfriend’s house. It’s an excellent tool, with a great vacuum and sensation. 
Your penis gets very, very thick after just a few sessions! I gained a half an inch in length and maxed out the girth. I now need the next size Bathmate!
Patrick S.

Permanent gains and greatly increased sex drive!

I'm almost at 1cm above my last measured NBEL, in the tube now! 
I love the Bathmate! 
In addition to the permanent gains, the Bathmate also has greatly increased my sex drive -- even several hours after using it. 
Ricky R.

I gained half an inch in 1 week!

I received my Bathmate last week and use it every day. 
In just 1 week, my penis has grown half an inch, in the chamber, while flaccid. By 5 weeks, I’m sure I’ll have a nice, big penis!  

A huge increase in girth!

I recently purchased a Bathmate and have used the pump for 4 days now. First of all, the shipping and receiving was a snap, and I love that the Bathmate came in an unmarked, brown box. 
The instructions were very easy to follow. Plus, by using it in the bath, I get a good warm-up, before using the Bathmate, that I didn’t get with a regular pump.
By the first day, I saw a pretty dramatic increase in girth. I’ve tried other pumps - both the pistol-type pump and the QSlogic pump. They worked well, but if I over pumped, I got an unpleasant, donut-shaped buildup of fluid just below the glans. 
With the Bathmate, I get the huge increases in girth, without the uncomfortable donut, bruising or discoloration I’ve experienced with other pumps.

My dick has never been that fat!

In my session today I increased my BPEL by ½”, while erect in the pump! I’ve never seen my dick that fat before! 

Fu*king awesome!

I used some baby oil before putting on the Bathmate today, and you not what? It was f***ing awesome! i pumped up to right over 8 inches in the Bathmate, without any pain or discomfort. My cock feels great!!!
Mr. Jones

An increase in girth and sex drive in just a few days!

I received my Bathmate a few days ago, and I can already see and feel an increase in girth. I’ve also noticed my erections are a lot harder. The system is very easy to use. When no more water goes out of the valve, you know you’ve reached optimal vacuum -- no more overpumping! 
As an added benefit, I’ve also noticed my sex drive increasing, in just the few days since I received my Bathmate.

The gains are staying longer after each pump!

I've been using the Bathmate for just over a week, and I've noticed that the expansion is getting more and more each time I use it. Plus, the gains are staying longer each time. 
I especially like the Bathmate as a really good warm up session, to loosen everything up.

Works perfectly!

I bought the Bathmate a few weeks ago, and I have to say -- This product works perfectly!

I highly recommend it!

This is the first pump I have had, and the Bathmate has really good suction. Definitely a great tool to have in the shed. I highly recommend it!

I'm astonished by the power of the Bathmate!

As someone new to pumping, I was astonished with the amount of suction power that can be created with the Bathmate. It's an amazingly powerful device!
After only 3 days, my penis already felt fuller and healthier! The Bathmate is the perfect complement to a penis enlargement routine. I use it both before and after my penis exercise routine.

The Beat Penis Enlargement Tool Out There!

The Bathmate is by far the BEST PE tool I have ever used. I’ve been using the Bathmate for four months now, and have come up with the following suggestions:
1. Don't expect gains overnight. It may takes months of PE to notice decent gains, especially when it comes to gaining an inch or more of length and girth.
2. Use a 'gradual pumping method.' Don't pump the Bathmate all the way down right away. Instead, do so gradually, by pumping once every minute or so.  When you hit the 5-6 minute mark, you should be at full pump. Then pump every 3-4 minutes to sustain suction.
3. Use a 'gradual release method'. Release just a small amount of  pressure out the top, a little at a time. It should take 2 minutes before you remove the Bathmate.
The Bathmate is such a great warmup! It is extremely effective for both girth and stretching.

Helping Me Grow a Bigger Penis!

If my gains are any indication of what's expected than all I can say is that using the Bathmate, along with girth exercises, will help you grow a bigger penis. I've already added almost an inch in length and quite a bit of girth!
Mr. Devil Rays

Sex is Great Now!

The Bathmate is Excellent and really helping me get the penis I want!!! Sex with my girl is great now!!!! Thanks, Bathmate!!!

The Best Thing that Has Happened to Me!

The Bathmate is the best thing that has ever happened to my penis enlargement routine. I used it for 5 minutes, then take a minute break. I’ll usually do 4 to 6 reps, depending on my free time.
I like that I can also do stretches with the Bathmate, by lightly pulling it in different directions, away from my body.                           
Just Another Bathmate Lover

Using the Bathmate is Just Plain Awesome!

I’ve been using the Bathmate for 5 days a week, for the last two weeks, and found the sweet spot. Before, I would place it too low and it would suck in one of my balls. If I placed it too high, my dick would be plastered to the cylinder wall. Instead, I found that if you tug down on your balls – gently of course - when placing the unit on, you get the best positioning. 
The thing that is great about the Bathmate, compared to traditional pumps, is the maximum pressure inside the tube is 0.4 bar. This alleviates the need for a pressure gauge and lessens the chance of serious damage from over pumping. 
Alternating between the Bathmate and some form of Jelq (your preference) helps with the raw feeling around the shaft and fluid retention. Doing sets with the Bathmate is just plain awesome! I keep great expansion for hours after use. 

Works Great in the Bath!

I have been using the Bathmate for about 2 weeks now, and it’s really different than regular conventional penis pumping. Bathmate works really well, just as it says, IN THE BATH!!! 
It’s also GREAT to use for warming up!!! You can get a ""Flushed Flaccid"" very quickly. The Bathmate allows for the AWESOME USE OF HOT (as hot as you can stand it) WATER!!! This is perfect for warm-ups.

An Awesome Stretch Routine!

I’ve had the Bathmate for a little over a week now. The main thing I’ve noticed is how well the Bathmate really assists with loosening up those ligaments in the penis. You can get an awesome stretch routine from using the Bathmate. Thanks for the quick delivery!

The Best Pump on the Market!

You guys have created the best pump on the market for a lot of reasons. I like how easy and simple it is to use and how well it works!

Woohoo! An Immediate Increase of 1/2 an inch!

This is the first device I have ever used, and I am tickled pink (excuse the expression) with it. I fill it with hot water and place my entire package in it -- balls and all. I have used it three times, and my morning flaccid girth has jumped up from below 6" to to 6.5"" at the base. Is that not cool? Whoohooo! Thanks Bathmate!!!
Ricky S.

Looking and Feeling Wider Within 5 minutes!

Twenty minutes is much too long for me at this point, so I am starting out with 5-minute sessions, and its working! 
One thing I'm enjoying with the Bathmate is my flared glans. It looks wider and feels wider after each short session.

So Simple! I love it for increasing my flaccid hang!

I am now using the Bathmate every day and love it. I like it and its the best way for increasing flaccid hang. It’s definitely making my glans feel wider and more dense. 
With other devices, I know guys CAN and HAVE injured themselves, especially from pumping with high pressures. With the Bathmate, you WON'T do that, because it is so simple to use and has several safety factors. 
Jean Luke

Thank you, Bathmate!!

I have been using the Bathmate for about a month now. Here is what I have found: It will without a doubt increase your girth. At first, it was getting wide, but over time my penis just needed time to be able to stretch out more and let in more blood. Now after I use the Bathmate, my penis looks and feels awesome. It feels heavy and thick. Thank you, Bathmate!!!

I've gained 1/4 an inch in permanent girth!

I've been using the Bathmate exclusively for four months. Over this time period, I have gained a quarter-inch in girth. I haven’t gained in length yet, but I’m not bothered, because I think using the Bathmate, one gains girth first before the penis expands forward. 
Some advice I have:
  • The more you use the Bathmate, with proper technique based on your individual body, the longer the expansion will stay.
  • Warm-up your penis before using the Bathmate. Although it uses hot water, it is still a penis exercise, and you should always warm-up before exercising. Warm-down as well so that your flaccid penis heals in an elongated state.
  • If your pump is losing suction, you may need to shave/trim your pubic hair, or you might need to clean your Bathmate. There is a good video on YouTube detailing how to clean it and restore suction.
  • Once you figure how to use it in a way that works for you, the Bathmate will become a convenient routine. Lastly,  always make sure that you have good suction. If you don't have good suction, you will not see results.
  • If you're just starting out with the Bathmate, you may want to use it every other day, until your penis is conditioned enough to withstand the pressure. Then gradually work your way up to everyday use. 
I've been very happy with my Bathmate!!! Thanks guys!
Alejandro M.

I love the feeling of my Bathmate!

I use my Bathmate and i love it! I love the feeling you get from it, plus you’re fat for an hour or so afterward. It really does help in girth. I use my Bathmate every day.

The Bathmate is Great for Before Sex!

I think the Bathmate is great for a warm-up. I also like to use the Bathmate before having sex (before my girlfriend comes over). The EQ is awesome, and my little soldier is much bigger!

My Erections are as Hard as they were in my Sexual Prime!

I just want to give a shout out to the Bathmate team! I’ve noticed my erection strength has really increased, especially in the morning. 
My erections are very similar to those I had during my sexual prime. Plus, they last nearly as long, which is great. I’ve also noticed more veins along my shaft - I like the look. Even if the Bathmate does nothing else than what it’s done so far, I’m happy I invested in it!  
Happily Invested

An increase in half an inch in length with barely any use!

I’ve barely used my Bathmate and have already seen an increase of a half-inch in length. Although I’ve had the Bathmate for about 7 months, I haven’t exactly used it every week, due to laziness. However, I’ve noticed an increase in both the girth and length of my penis. My erections are a lot harder now, and I think someone who uses it more often could get even better results.
Good Buy

I Definitely Recommend this Product!

I've been using the Bathmate for a month now. I WILL DEFINITELY recommend this product to PEers, particularly men who are having trouble with warm up... which is the most important aspect of a penis exercising routine. However, this tube is AMAZING for warming up before a PE session. 
I have never been able to warm up so well with other methods (even the rice sock method wouldn't give me such a great result). Now I use the Bathmate to warm up every time before PE, for around 7 minutes with mild pressure. 
It gives me a fuller and warmer flaccid penis that’s ready to take on the challenge. This alone is worth the money for me. If you have problem doing a proper warm up, you should definitely try this tube.
Ben S.

An Inch in Girth with Jelqing and Bathmate Use!

I don’t do a certain amount of ""reps"" of the slow girth jelqs, I just do them for 5 minutes. You will be amazed with how much the Bathmate helps with eliminating fluid retention! 
By the end of my sessions, I consistently gain 1 inch in mid-shaft erect girth, with little to no fluid retention! Give it a try!  
Jelqing Bathmater

Great Girth Gains!

I've had great girth gains from solely using the Bathmate, over a relatively short period. I highly recommend it. I'm now in a cementing phase, which is basically the period where you reduce your routine gradually to make sure you don't lose what you gained. Then you can transfer into a light maintenance routine.

The Bathmate gave me a boost in confidence and a fatter penis!

I bought my Bathmate (the Goliath), back in February, and have been using it everyday except Sunday, for 20-30 minutes a day. I have seen a lasting increase in girth. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. Not only do I have a fatter penis (2 3/8 inch wide), I've also noticed a boost in confidence -- not just in the bedroom but in my day-to-day life as well.

The Bathmate's given me great gains!

I've seen great gains with just the Bathmate. I do no manual exercises and the Bathmate.  I would definitely recommend it. 
Here’s my routine -- stretch, use Bathmate, jelq, and Bathmate. Bathmate is freaking AWESOME!      
Happy User

I tried everything and the Bathmate works best!

Before the Bathmate, I tried pumps, pills, rings and everything in between. The Bathmate works the best. Everything else was a waste of money. 
The Bathmate is the real deal and is a good tool for penile health. It detoxes your dude. I never knew you built up toxins in your member!  I was happy just to see that. After using it only three times, I had better feeling along the bottom side of my shaft, which made my orgasms three times stronger. Definitely well worth it for me! Good luck, and may your experiences be as memorable with the Bathmate as they have been with mine.

Get this device if you want to gain!

I purchased a Bathmate the last May. I used it as recommended by doing 20 minutes each day, for 2 months. I gained about a 1/4" in girth and about a 1/2" in length, in 4 months. I can't say enough great things about the Bathmate.
I highly recommend it. If you want to gain, get this device
Terry K.

I gained over an inch!!!!

I think the Bathmate works great as a warm up. I can feel how well it stretches me. The Bathmate is easy to use and comfortable. Actually, I find it kind of fun! 
This morning, I went through an intense (not painful) Bathmate session, and my usual BPEL is around 6 ½ to 7 inches. However, I got up to about 8 inches! Afterward, my flaccid size was about 5 ½ to 6 ½ inches, which is pretty impressive for me, since I’m a grower. This device is amazing!! 
If you are looking to add size in the easiest way possible, try the Bathmate!
Payton Members

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