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The Bathmate Hydromax X30 has been upgraded!

Welcome the Hydromax7!

The best-performing penis pump on the market just got better.

They Hydromax7 uses an effective water-vacuum system to deliver safer performance than traditional, air-only penis pumps. This helps men improve their:

  • Erection size,
  • Flaccid hang size, 
  • Erection hardness, and
  • Sexual confidence

The Hydromax7 is easy-to-use. Simply fill with warm water, seal to your body and then pump for vacuum. Easy!

The construction has been clinically certified. And we have a 92% user satisfaction rate.

Millions of users around the world have said Bathmate penis pumps are the best pumps on the market. 

The Hydromax 7 is perfect for men between 5.1" and 7" in length and 6.5" in girth.

If you need a different size, here's an easy size chart for you to use.

 Bathmate size chart hydromax hydroXtreme penis pump

The Bathmate Hydromax is the world’s most popular range of penis pumps, with the Hydromax7 being our newest best seller.

You can pump in the shower or bath while increasing your penis size, boosting lasting power and treating conditions like erectile dysfunction.

The Hydromax series has a redesigned bellows system. This increases power by 35% and is more comfortable than ever. A latch valve makes the pump far easier to attach when in the shower, all as part of giving our users a more effective approach to penis enlargement.

We’ve recently renamed a lot of our penis pumps to give you a better way to find a pump that suits you. Our Hydromax7 was previously known as the Hydromax X30.